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Disgruntled Fumes

Disgruntled Fumes is a tongue-in-cheek salute to poetry open mics. At once hilarious and deeply moving, the show takes you through an evening of people sharing their poetry. A happy mix of poetry, stand-up, anger, a little music, a little improv, and a lot of feminism.

People's reactions

Award-winning playwright and author Jim Grimsley wrote: Stephanie Astalos-Jones is a mind-blowing, fierce, incomparable performer, an artist with laser-like focus on the absurd, hilarious, heartbreaking edge of our time. Whether she is sending up modern poetry, reading magnificent works like "The Toaster" or "The Toilet", or doing performance art with her saw, or creating improvisational poetry with words flung out from the crowd, she catches the energy of the audience and gives back hard-edged commentary laced with laughter. She has been a magical performer in the solo world for most of my life, and she only gets better.  

Musician Caroline Aiken wrote: "Wow. This is the best show I've seen in many years! Stephanie is brilliant and brings the many shades of outrage to the stage like none other. I LOVE her "poetry reading". She's the shit!!!"

Author David Wiley wrote: "Stephanie Astalos-Jones' show was SUPERB. Her acting and comedy were on full display as she played more than a dozen characters at a Poetry Open mic. It was alternately hilarious and gut wrenching.  She isn't just playing 'Art', she is an artist in the truest sense. Her work is filled to the overflowing brim with Love....Chock full of Meaning and Emotion...Just what the World needs....Now more than ever."

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About Pysanky

Pysanky are Ukrainian Easter eggs. It is an ancient Ukrainian art form, widely practiced all over Eastern Europe, in which  you write on eggshell with hot beeswax while alternately bathing the egg in various colors of dye. It is a rich and beautiful art form, steeped in folklore and symbolism. I fell in love with the patterns, symbolism, and folk stories years ago and have been making pysanky for over 20 years. There is far too much info about pysanky to cram it all in here, so I am giving you a link to a wonderful site my friend, Luba, has created that will tell you all about it.

Luba's pysanky site